Bobcat - Tattoo Voucher - 0
Bobcat - Tattoo Voucher
50 EUR
I ask that before getting a tattoo of my work you pay a small contribution. This is a way for you to support my art, and to allow me to continue to create more in the future. 

The product itself will be a high resolution digital image. Purchasing a tattoo voucher means you have my consent to this imaged tattooed. And in return for your support, I will send a signed voucher, and thank you card, stating you have my permission to use my work. (Any reputable tattoo artist should ask for proof of permission before agreeing to do the tattoo).

This flat rate of €50 allows you to get any piece shown in the 'Tattoo Designs' section of my site. Any piece which states it is a commission on my Instagram is not permitted. Please show respect for the person who hired me, and paid me to create a bespoke artwork for them. 

If you would like more information on my tattoo licences or would like a custom or tweaked design, please email hello@loisvero.com.